Uro Bag Pant

(Leg Bag Holder ONLY)
  Uro Bag is a unisex leg bag holder that can be used with all catheters.
  External Collection System consists of a leg bag held in place with uncomfortable straps.
  Adult Diaper is an absorbent product for incontinence.

Uro Bag products are a vast improvement to the External Collection System. Unlike the current External Collection System, Uro Bag does not use leg straps to hold the leg bag. Uro Bag will securely hold the leg bag in place during normal and physical activities. You will not have to worry about having a urinary accident due to a full leg bag falling down the leg when using Uro Bag products. You can now lead a more normal life and maintain your dignity.

Adult diapers can leak, fall when full, and cause embarrassing odors. For a higher quality of life, both physically and socially, the External Collection System has proven to be, for many, an improvement to wearing diapers.

When the External Collection System has been put on correctly and is properly functioning, Uro Bag products have been proven to hold the system safely in place.

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