step one Uro Bag System
Directions for Condom Catheter, Foley, Ileoconduit or Superpubic Catheters

  1. Turn leg bag holder inside out. (#1)
  2. Insert leg bag into pouch through the opening at the crotch area of the LEFT or RIGHT pouch making sure leg bag lays flat. (#2)
  3. Pull RELEASE VALVE through lower opening of pouch. (#3)
  4. Measure length of tubing to fit between the entry valve on the leg bag and your collection system (condom sheath, Foley, etc.), ADD 2" - 3" then cut end of tubing without connector to this length.
  5. Connect TUBING to the ENTRY VALVE of the leg bag. (#3)
  6. Put condom catheter on if using this system.
  7. Turn leg bag holder right side out, pull on and connect tubing to your collection system.

Persons diagnosed with SPINA BIFIDA do not use Uro Bag System due to high allergy statistics.
Step 3 Ur Bag System
Step 4 Uro Bag System
Nephrostomy Uro Bag System
The Uro Bag System can also be used with a Nephrostomy Tube.

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Care of Product: The urinal leg bag should be emptied frequently. Wash the whole leg bag daily in warm soapy water, rinse and dry carefully. To deodorize leg bag, immerse it for 2-3 minutes in a weak solution (10:1) of water and hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or mild bleach and rinse thoroughly. Do not use leg bag unless it is completely dry. When drying, keep leg bag out of sunlight or heat. Avoid contact with oil-based substances. If the leg bag comes in contact with oily substances, wash it with soapy water, rinse and dry.
Leg Bag Holder: Wash in cold or warm water; no bleach. Cotton may shrink in hot water or hot dryer.

Rubber Latex Leg Bag: (Caution: the leg bag contains natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reactions. (Approximately 1% prevalence rate of general population in USA. AAAAI.) If you experience any reaction, immediately stop using and consult your doctor if symptoms continue.)

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